The Irving-Thomas trade is Catastrophic. Let’s decompress.

It’s hard to imagine Kyrie Irving not with the Cavaliers. It’s equally hard to imagine Isaiah Thomas not with the Celtics. Catastrophic trades like this don’t happen often in the NBA, but when they do, shit gets broke and dismantled until we’re able to put our minds around what has occurred. Despite how crazy this […]

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Notes from the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament

Can March Madness exist in April? Regardless of answer, the madness carries over to the early days of April; four teams and three games inside a state-of-the-art facility to decide a national champion. The North Carolina Tar Heels got redemption in 2017 after losing to Villanova at the buzzer in 2016. Gonzaga was looking for […]

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Notes from the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament

The first weekend of the 2017 NCAA Tournament featured 48 games — the majority, closely contested — but no game had a defying buzzer-beater or overtime. That’s disappointing. However, there are 15 more games to be played over the next 12 days. Meanwhile, String & Laces’ bracket is fucked. Had Duke winning the title; Duke’s […]

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Notes from the First Round of the NCAA Tournament

My bracket fared well in the first round  — correctly picked 27 of 32 games. Losses by SMU and UNC Wilmington will hurt; I picked them to make the Sweet Sixteen. Losses by Miami, Nevada, and Kansas State won’t matter much; had those teams losing in the second round. Most of us thought that SMU […]

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Bracket Breakdown 2017

One bracket is all I need. That way, I stay focused. For the past five years, I’ve been involved in a very competitive bracket pool that keeps growing in participants with each NCAA Tournament. There’s a lot on the line. And here we are, another NCAA Tournament! Some say that it’s the best event in […]

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Analysis: NFL Divisional Round 2017

The steaks can be no higher than Divisional Round weekend: eight teams trying to prove its championship worthiness. Two games on Saturday, two games on Sunday, and no overlapping. If you’re a true NFL fan, you’re glued to the television all weekend; seething competition is on display. This year, the Wild Card Round was weak. […]

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The NFL is a Fantastic Mess

The NFL 2016 season is through Week 11; not much is clear as far as playoff positioning. And ratings are going up as 27 teams sort things out over the next six weeks. (The Jets, Jaguars, and Bears may not be “mathematically” eliminated, but let’s get real.) The following is a Strings & Laces hot […]

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