Welcome to Strings & Laces


This is where commentary about music and sports collide.

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life as a full-time journalist — seven years as a Sportswriter for a weekly newspaper, and two more as a music writer for an online magazine. Currently, I earn income by working at a local, excellent deli across the street from my home while salvaging whatever is left of my writing career. I haven’t “blogged” in a long time because I was always busy writing for other people. But now, with a fiction novel in the works, I am free of any editorial shackles except my own. Freedom is a beautiful thing.

Strings & Laces is willing to publish anything about music and sports; there is no limit to the severity of the content. If the content is too light, I’m sorry; if it’s too harsh, I’m not sorry. But I will always seek the truth and try to report it fairly.

This is an exciting time for Strings & Laces to launch. We’re in the thick of the strangest NFL season in recent memory; 2015 has been release to a slew of amazing albums. More on these topics later, and much more.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading Strings & Laces.


Jordan J. Michael, Editor In-Chief




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